Events of Interest

Introductory Oncoplastic Techniques Teleconference (Level 1)


Saturday, March 6 | 12:00 – 4:15pm ET

This introductory course by Stryker is intended for general and breast surgeons who want to become proficient in oncoplastic techniques and incorporate them into their practice. Through a series of lectures, case discussions and surgical videos, attendees will be exposed to level 1/ beginner oncoplastic techniques including patient evaluation, marking, de-epithelization, oncoplastic lumpectomy and cavity closure, crescent mastopexy, and technique selection.


Faculty: Dr. Anne Peled, Dr. Allison DiPasquale, Dr. Robert Gabordi, Dr. Monique Gary, Dr. Bridget O’Brien

Intermediate Oncoplastic Techniques Teleconference (Level 2)


Saturday, May 8 | 12:00 – 4:15pm ET

This intermediate course by Stryker is intended for breast and plastic surgeons who are already proficient in basic oncoplastic techniques and want to advance their oncoplastic skills. Through live lectures, group discussions and surgical videos, attendees will be exposed to level 2/ intermediate oncoplastic techniques including marking, technique selection, oncoplastic mastopexy/reduction, nipple-sparing mastectomy, and optimizing outcomes through a team approach.


Faculty: Dr. Anne Peled, Dr. Nicholas Clavin, Dr. Allison DiPasquale, Dr. Tripp Holton

Disclaimer: The Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin does not endorse these events, although we understand they may be of interest to our members.