Spring 2021 Newsletter

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New Performance Reports Coming Soon!

Due to the pandemic there has been a slow down in data but we are excited to announce that new performance reports will be available very soon through the SCW Learning Management System.


We are excited to continue to welcome our most recent new members:

Mayo Clinic, LaCrosse

Surgeon Champion: Mike Roskos


SSM Health St. Clare Hospital – Baraboo

Monroe Clinic Hospital

Waupun Memorial Hospital

Ripon Medical Center

St. Agnes Hospital

Surgeon Champion: Marie Thomas


Reducing Repeat Operations for Women With Breast Cancer – Oncoplastic Training Event

A key strategy for reducing re-excisions after breast conserving surgeries is employing oncoplastic techniques (recommended by the American Society of Breast Surgeons (ASBrS) Collaborative Attempt to Lower Lumpectomy Reoperation Rates (CALLER)). The virtual learning opportunity was recommended by SCW surgeons who attended prior trainings and recommend them highly.


Rural Colonoscopy Inititative Kicks Off!

SCW’s Rural Task Force, which is made up of general surgeons practicing in rural Wisconsin, identified colonoscopy as a high priority target for quality improvement. As a result, the SCW Rural Colonoscopy initiative kicked off Spring 2021.


SCW Launches Regional Learning Network

While SCW in person meetings have been well received, there are challenges to finding locations that are feasible for all members to attend given the size and rurality of Wisconsin. With this in mind, SCW has borrowed the Wisconsin Public Health Region framework to create geographic regions for the Surgical Collaborative.