How it works

The Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin aims to improve quality and decrease cost by bringing together two key elements:

a robust platform for collecting and reporting data

a collaborative environment to support surgeons and hospitals as they identify and implement evidence-based practices

Performance Reporting

Hospitals and payers already submit healthcare data to the Wisconsin Hospital Association (WHA) and Wisconsin Healthcare Information Organization (WHIO). The Department of Surgery, which serves as SCW’s coordinating center, takes this data an additional step. Based on the quality improvement targets identified by collaborative members, our biostatisticians and programmers create confidential benchmarked reports for individual hospitals and surgeons.

Practice Change

Benchmarked performance reports comprise an important first step in bringing about meaningful practice change, as they help identify patterns of care that can inform quality-improvement initiatives and interventions. SCW offers surgeons and participating hospitals opportunities for education, innovation, peer exchange, and general quality improvement. The collaborative will provide updates on the latest evidence-based practices, as well as the support and resources for implementing these best practices.