Pediatric Surgical Care

The Problem

In Wisconsin, many operations on children are performed by general surgeons in community hospitals. However, these surgeons may not have ready access or exposure to changing guidelines for care of the pediatric population. For operations to be safely performed on children by community general surgeons, guidelines and best practices for the surgical care of children should be readily accessible to those surgeons.

Our Project

The Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin’s Pediatric Surgical Care initiative will provide pediatric specialist support for the general surgeons who care for healthy children requiring straightforward operations in their home communities. We will use scheduled teleconferences to engage surgeons in collaborative learning opportunities with free CME, focused on the current guidelines and best practices of children’s surgical care.

Initiative Leaders







Marjorie J. Arca, MD






Jonathan Kohler, MD, MA

Initial Topics

Umbilical Hernia

  • Timing of operation
  • Minimizing opioid prescriptions
  • Surgical technique (including the conta-indication to using mesh)


  • Utilization of ultrasound as primary modality for diagnosis
  • Perioperative antibiotics
  • Minimizing opioid prescriptions


Working together to bring high-quality surgical care to the children of Wisconsin