Benefits of Surgical Collaboratives

Collaboratives across the nation have demonstrably reduced surgical complications, unnecessary procedures, hospital readmission rates, and hospital length of stay. SCW aims to bring these benefits to the state of Wisconsin. 

Annual cost: $5 Million

Annual savings: $20 Million


Decrease in complications: 24%


Reduction in DVT: 45%


5-year reduction in surgical

complications: 19.7%

Estimated lives saved: 533

Savings: $75.2 Million

Initial investment from BCBS:

$8.1 Million over 3 years

Statewide Savings: $14.6 Million

over 3 years

2-Year reduction in

readmissions: 15%

Preventable hospital stays

avoided: 1,200

Savings: $14 Million

2-year decline in negative

appendectomy rate: 12% to 6%

Decreased length of stay after

colon resection: 1 day

Savings in one year: $67.3

Surgical Collaborative of Wisconsin (SCW)

Let's bring these benefits to Wisconsin.