Member Update

 Dear Colleagues,

What a year. Our last newsletter was sent just before COVID-19 became our daily reality this past spring, so we wanted to send a quick note to check in and let you know what we have been up to.

But first! We hope you plan to attend the upcoming virtual annual meeting of the Wisconsin Surgical Society on November 6! While the virtual format is unconventional, we think it will still be an engaging and informative meeting. The SCW Coordinating Center is actively involved with planning the meeting, contributing both as part of the WSS program committee and helping support the logistics of running a statewide surgical meeting over a Zoom platform. Several SCW members will present, including Neel Karne, who is a panelist in an afternoon session titled, “Enhanced Recovery for All: Standardizing Care for Optimal Postoperative Outcomes.” His presentation will include an update on the SCW project funded by the Hendricks Family Foundation which focuses on decreasing opioid use and prescribing.

As in previous years, SCW will present an update on 2020 accomplishments as well as plans for 2021. There are several announcements we are excited to highlight at the meeting that were the result of feedback received from SCW members and our Executive Committee. These include the upcoming launch of our new Learning Management System, improvements to our data platform and performance reports, plans for outreach and member engagement, and evolving partnerships with organizations, including payers such as Anthem and the Wisconsin Department of Health Services Medicaid program. Please see the expanded sections below for details.

This past year has challenged all of us. At SCW, we are working hard to adapt and provide value to our members. We welcome your feedback and ideas and look forward to collaborating with each of you in the next year.


The SCW Coordinating Center